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May is new maid from Myanmar. She is married. She is capable of cooking, laundry, taking care of baby, gardening, and house cleaning. She had a 1 year experience as a helper.She can communicate in English. May is a diligent and simple lady. She is very willing to be employed to any nationalities. She can accept/follow instructions from employer

May is a fast learner and willing to do multi tasking jobs. She can work independently once she is fully oriented/familiarised of her duties and responsibilities.

Married (36)
Ref: AMFH41
Upd on 26-Sep-16

Ngal Lin Tun, ex-spore, is matured and pleasant lady from Myanmar. She has working experience in S'pore for 8 months, take care of elderly, housework, cleaning and cooking.

In her previous employment, she worked for a Chinese family taking care of elderly, she can do all around housework and cook simple chinese food. She can take care of elderly based on her experience looking after her grandfather in her hometown.

She can cook Myanmar food and willing to learn other dishes from prospective employer. She can follow instructions and is open for any job offer.

She can understand and speak English.

Single (35)
Ref: AMY12649
Upd on 17-Sep-16

Poe is a very good in cleaning and she organized well the things of her employer and she make sure the house is clean and tidy. She is confident in doing childcare and she is well experienced on how to look after children and young childrens and played with them and taking them at the playground and feed them properly. Her performance has been good and she have iniatiative with her jobs and she can work with minmal supervision. She can cook myanmar and willing to learn from prospective employer.

Work in Singapore for 9 months in a chinese family, her main job scope was to take care of elderly (grandma) and work all around, speak fair english and flexible person that you can rely on.

Single (24)
Ref: AMO7
Upd on 17-Sep-16

Aye aye is a very detailed worker who takes a lot of iniative. She is meticulous with her cleaning. When her employer are on vacation, she would take initiative to clean her employer entire apartment, including washing the sofa cover and the carpets, even though her employer don't ask her to do. She can cook Mayanmar food. She can handle new recipes easily and can improvise to make them taste better.She planned all her employer meals and did the grocercies independently without supervision.

She is very good with babies and small children. She took excellent care of the children she look after with. She knows how to change diapers,wash them, prepare milk,made baby food and children food, put them to bed/naps and play with them.

Aye Aye is a pleasant helper who love children, she look forwars to serving her next employer diligently.

Work in Singapore for 3 months in Chinese family, she worked all around and take care young children, speak basic english and fast learner.

Single (23)
Ref: AMO6
Upd on 17-Sep-16

Khin Myat mon has 2 year and 11 months working in Singapore

1st employer-1yr & 10 months, chinese family, her main job scope was more in housekeeping and cooking there are 4 adult in the family,not renewing for another 2 years employer let her go back earlier.

2nd employer-1 month, chinese family her main job scope was more in housekeeping and cooking and work all around,there are 2 adult and 3 teenager in the family.

3rd employer- 1 year, chinese family, she was taking care elderly and work all around,there are 5 pax in the family.

She is fast learner and speak good english, she can cook chinese food and eager to learn new dish from her prospective employer.

Single (29)
Ref: AMO5
Upd on 10-Sep-16

Nu Nu Tin has 8 months working experience in Singapore, She was taking care elderly (grandma) and she can take care of young children based on her experience, she can do general housekeeping and other household chores assign by her employer, she can understand and speak fair english, she can cook myanmese food and basic chinese food, flexible and obidient.

Married (31)
Ref: AMO8
Upd on 07-Sep-16

Zin Thawtar has a 2 years experience in her hometown as a helper. She is responsible in house cleaning, cooking and taking care of children. She is mature person and willing to accept more responsibilities of equip her skills. She can speak English fairly and willing to learn new ways in household chores.

Single (28)
Ref: AMO1
Upd on 07-Sep-16

Myint Myint Aye, is a fresh helper from Myanmar. She has 2 years working experience in her home country, she can take care of newborn and young children based on her experience.

She can work all around like washing, ironing, mopping and dusting and able to handle electrical appliances.

She can cook myanmar food and willing to learn new dish from her prospective employer.

She can understand and speak fair english, mature and flexible

Divorced (33)
Ref: AMY12875
Upd on 05-Jun-16
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